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JLI Volume 41 Staff Members


Mike Fadden ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: He/Him
Hometown: New Prague, MN
Other Degrees: Saint John’s University
Interested In: Immigration law, Family law
Law School Involvement: President of the Sports Law Association
Hobbies: Running, golf, personal finance, reading
JLI Publications: Level Setting Web Accessibility Expectations


Alejandrea Brown ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/hers
Hometown: Houston, TX
Other Degrees: B.S. Criminal Justice- University of Houston – Downtown, M.P.A – Tarleton State University
Interested In: Trusts and Estates; Nonprofit Law; Tax; Security Studies; International Relations
Law School Involvement: Women’s Student Law Association, Asylum Law Project
Hobbies: Container gardening, running, cooking
JLI Publications: Breonna Taylor is Not Forgotten: Department of Justice Finds Civil Rights Violations by the Louisville Metro Police Department and the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government

Matt Schmitz ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: He/him
Hometown: Lewis Center, Ohio
Other Degrees: Ursinus College, Educational Studies and Psychology
Interested In: Education law, disability law, employment law, public benefits
Law School Involvement: MJF Street Law Program
Hobbies: Running, baseball, cycling
JLI Publications: 


Bethany Jewison ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Northfield, MN
Other Degrees: University of Minnesota, B.A. in Sociology and Psychology
Interested In: Civil rights litigation and disability law
Law School Involvement: WLSA member, Criminal Justice League member
Hobbies: Fostering dogs, reading, hiking
JLI Publications: 

The Right to Choose From An Empty Shelf: Anti-Abortionists Sue to Remove FDA Approval of Crucial Medication


Emma Kruger ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Waseca, MN
Other Degrees: University of St. Thomas
Interested In: Criminal Defense and Wills, Trusts, and Estates
Law School Involvement: WLSA- Bookroom Committee, Outlaw
Hobbies: N/A
JLI Publications: 


Evelyn Doran ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Rosemount, MN
Other Degrees: B.A. in English and Political Science from Gustavus Adolphus College
Interested In: Employment Law, Civil Rights Law
Law School Involvement: Law Council, Minnesota Law Students for Economic Justice, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, SELLA, OutLaw, WLSA
Community Involvement: Saint Paul Area Synod Committee on Discipline (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), Class of 2021 Alumni Officer and President (Gustavus Adolphus College), University of Minnesota Summer Community Orchestra
Hobbies: Reading, spending time with friends & family, making music with the community orchestra, trying out all of the Twin Cities breweries!

JLI Publications: Prescribing “Justice”? How the Court’s Stay in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine Demonstrates the Dangerous Growth of Policy-Driven Adjudication in Federal Courts . Taking Out the Trash: Is Biden’s Plan for Eliminating Junk Fees an Effective One?


Britane Hubbard ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Linneus, Missouri
Other Degrees: Missouri Western State University, BS Criminal Justice
Interested In: Public Defense, Immigration, Civil & Human Rights
Law School Involvement: Minnesota Justice Foundation street law and silent auction volunteer, Asylum Law Project volunteer
Hobbies: Playing basketball and softball, baking, camping, and watching football
JLI Publications: Right to Spiritual Advisors During Executions: Missouri’s Latest Refusal and the Supreme Court’s Evolving Jurisprudence.


Buchanan Waller ’23, Staff Member

Pronouns: He/him
Maquoketa, Iowa
Other Degrees:
Marquette University – BA International Affairs
Interested In:
Criminal Defense; international relations
Law School Involvement:
Co-President of National Lawyer’s Guild – Minnesota Law School Chapter

Hobbies: Intramural soccer with Mondale FC
JLI Publications: Cuba’s 2022 Family Code: A Different Model for Social Progress


Nicole Carter ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Cary, IL
Other Degrees: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater/BS International Studies, Economics
Interested In: Immigration and Human Rights
Law School Involvement: Vice President of Asylum Law Project, Vice President of International Law Society, Member of NLG and AILA  Community Involvement: Volunteer Intake Specialist at the Binger Center for New Americans.                                                                        Hobbies: Intramural soccer with Mondale FC
JLI Publications: 


Selma El-Badawi ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her/hers
Hometown: Downers Grove, IL
Other Degrees: University of Washington

Interested In: Labor & Employment Law
Law School Involvement: Student Instructor, RISE and REJ; Orientation Leader; Admissions Ambassador; Research Assistant; Employment Law Clinic; Vice President, SELLA; Outlaw; WLSA; MLSA
Community Involvement: HOME Line volunteer, National Lawyers Guild volunteer; LexisNexis Representative
Hobbies: Long walks, vegan cooking, trashy reality TV, history books

JLI Publications: Explainer: The Teamsters Local 320 Agreement


Luke Srodulski ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI
Other Degrees: Northwestern University, B.S. in Journalism
Interested In: Family law, government benefits, immigration law, public defense
Law School Involvement: Research Assistant, Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law; Board Member, Well-Being Initiative

Community Involvement: Certified Student Attorney, Anoka County Public Defender; Student Instructor, Street Law; Volunteer, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center; Volunteer, The Just Deeds Project
Hobbies: Playing basketball, tinkering with eggplant-based recipes, and listening to Nina Simone


Lizzy Miller ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Wausau, WI
Other Degrees: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse/BA in Political Science and Rhetoric & Writing
Interested In: Public Interest, Immigration
Law School Involvement: Minnesota Law Students for Economic Justice
Hobbies: Reading, hiking, and music
JLI Publications: Minnesota Crisis Pregnancy Centers and The Positive Pregnancies Bill; Consumer Protection from Carbon Neutrality Claims Based in Carbon Offsetting


Alexandra Schrader-Dobris ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Indiana
Other Degrees: Indiana University Bloomington. Major in History and Minors in Gender Studies; Sociology; and Urban Planning and Development
Interested In: Media and Entertainment: Art and Museum Law
Law School Involvement: 1L Officer for the Student Intellectual Property Law Society and Family Law Clinic during 2L

Community Involvement: Legislative Committee Monitoring for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
Hobbies: Cooking, drawing, and visiting museums

JLI Publications: 


Rachel Emendorfer ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Platteville, Wisconsin
Other Degrees: University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Interested In: Litigation, Administrative Law
Law School Involvement: Vice President of the Sports Law Association, Member of WBI’s Physical Health committee, MJF – Street Law participant
Community Involvement: Member of Minnesota Women’s Lawyers organization
Hobbies: Running, baking bread, trying Minneapolis patio bars with friends
JLI Publications: The Forgotten Child Bride in the United States 


Diana Kawka ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Other Degrees: University of Alabama/civil engineering
Interested In: Civil litigation, IP law
Law School Involvement: VP of LTAG
Hobbies: Rpainting, traveling, cooking
JLI Publications: All in the Family: How Polyamorous Families Can Use Businesses Models and Contracts to Secure Legal Benefits


Jacqueline R. Brant ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Other Degrees: Oberlin College; Philosophy Major, Latin Minor, Politics Minor
Interested In: Products Liability Litigation, Business Litigation, Appellate Advocacy
Law School Involvement: Alumni and Student Outreach Committee, Member; Women’s Law Student Association, Member

Community Involvement: Volunteer with Lawyers Without Borders
Hobbies: Playing guitar, playing soccer, running, reading philsophy books
JLI Publications: 


Jacque Randolph ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Other Degrees: Washington University in St Louis, BA in History
Law School Involvement: IBLSA, Outlaw, TORT
Hobbies: reading, yoga, playing banjo and mandolin
JLI Publications: Not-So Affordable Housing: Regulatory Blocks on Accessory Dwelling Units in the Twin Cities


Elise Skarda ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Other Degrees: St. Norbert College, BA in political science with a minor in Spanish
Interested In: Immigration law, family law, and legal aid
Law School Involvement: Asylum Law Project, American Immigration Law Association, Women’s Law Student Association, Minnesota Justice Foundation

Community Involvement: Minnesota Women Lawyers
Hobbies: Cooking, crocheting, and watching Gilmore Girls
JLI Publications: The Respect for Marriage Act: Limitations, Protections, and Future Implications


Anitra Varhadkar ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Other Degrees: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Dec 2020/Psychology, Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance BAs)
Interested In: I see myself spending time in Corporate law (as of now M&A, but I’ve been told many a time that it’s subject to change). I then want to transition into social justice/public interest with a focus on international human rights, racial inequality, or domestic violence.
Hobbies: You will likely find me outdoors either walking, staring at dogs, hiking, or (when I’m feeling ambitious) running. When I have time I try to travel as much as possible too!
JLI Publications: A New Future for Social Media Platforms, Courtesy of State Legislators.

John Leiner ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: He/him
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Other Degrees: Davidson College, Hispanic Studies & Political Science
Interested In: Real Estate, Affordable Housing, Civil Rights/Fair Housing Litigation
Law School Involvement: MJF, Asylum Law Project
Hobbies: St. Louis Cardinals, Davidson Basketball (Go ‘Cats), My two black labs
JLI Publications:

Fundamental, Not Absolute: Implications of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Ruling in Schroeder v. Simon


Christian Purnell ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: He/him
Hometown: Portland, OR
Other Degrees: Carleton College
Interested In: Public Defense, Criminal Legal System Reform
JLI Publications: Purging False Narratives Around Cash Bail

Sergi Torres ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: He/Him
Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida
Other Degrees: Brown University
Hobbies: Baseball, Hiking, Coffee
JLI Publications: 


Coryn Johnson ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
Other Degrees: Montana State University, B.S. in Marketing
Interested In: Immigration Law, Data Privacy Law, Human Rights Law
Law School Involvement: American Immigration Lawyers Association UMN Affiliate; Asylum Law Project; International Law Club; Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Technology Law Association; Women’s Law Student Association (WLSA)
Hobbies: Travel, hiking, ballet, alpine skiing, reading, and creative writing
JLI Publications:


Gemma Jo ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Busan, Korea
Other Degrees: Yonsei University, Bachelor in Political Science and Communications
Interested In: Business Law, Administrative Law
Law School Involvement: Treasurer of Asian Pacific American Law Student Association, Admissions Ambassador
HobbiesYoga, Film Photography
JLI Publications:

Remy Bell ’24, Staff Member

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Other Degrees: Florida Atlantic University – B.A. in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting
Interested In: Business Law, Family Law, and Estate Planning
Hobbies: Spending time with my friends, rewatching my favorite shows, listening to music
JLI Publications:

State v. Khalil: How a Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling Led to the Amendment of a Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Statute