2020 Summit for Civil Rights – The State of Multi-Racial America and Black Power


In “The State Of Multi-Racial America And Black Power” panel, AG Ellison began his keynote speech by acknowledging the efforts of the common people protesting in the streets every day “bringing forth justice, freedom, [and] accountability in [the criminal justice] system.” Ellison remarked that in order to ensure that Black lives matter Black Power is necessary and inevitable. The session, moderated by Prof. Myron Orfield of the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity and the University of Minnesota Law School, also included other renowned and diverse panelists—Activist and Author Bill Fletcher, Jr., Councilwoman Davida Russell, and Rev. James Woodall. The panel commented on the looming national elections and surveyed both the important role of the Black electorate and rise and fall of populist insurgencies of both the left and right. The panel noted the overlap between the labor and civil rights movements, and exhorted them to come together once again to achieve the remarkable social, political and legislative achievements of the 1960s.