Mental Health & Criminal Justice: An Interview with Kelly Mitchell and Professor JaneAnne Murray

Interview by Sarah Coleman*

October 3-9, 2021 was Mental Health Awareness Week. The United States’ prison and criminal justice systems are deeply interconnected with mental healthcare and mental illness. For many individuals, a mental illness diagnosis and subsequent treatment aren’t made available to them until after they come in contact with the criminal justice system. JLI Staff Member Sarah Coleman had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Mitchell, Executive Director of the Robina Institute, and Minnesota Law Professor JaneAnne Murray¬†on how individuals, communities, and the legal system are impacted by the way the criminal justice and prison systems have become surrogates for a more robust mental healthcare system.

The following resources were consulted in preparation for this interview, and can be consulted for further information:

*Sarah Coleman, Class of 2023, Minnesota Journal of Law & Inequality Vol. 40 Staff Member